If the next presidential election doesn’t go to the right, the left is going to really hear what payback is.
Silly headlines like this one and the constant Trump-bashings from absolutely any form of media have gotten so very old.
Local TV news coverage of Teacher Of The Week or local bypass reconstruction is the only safe haven.
It’s like hearing or reading about a loud, whiney and undisciplined 2-year-old have an incessant screaming fit because you took away their cellphone.
Over and over and over.
and over.
You simply can’t escape their childish yelling tantrum that won’t accept the fact they didn’t get what they wanted. No matter where you go in your home, they’re still there lying on the floor kicking and crying.
Yep, if a person doesn’t like the ones that elected the president now?
Just hold on because when the tables turn, and they will at some point, and the other team steps up to bat in the White House, we will all see that the Deplorables may not be the most popular, have the most talk shows or star vocal power, but they have proven that are many.
And that they get things done.
I’m betting that we will all see how they got tired of having their electee ridiculed every single millisecond of every single day for 4 years.
And then we will see how it goes down when the cannons swing back to the other side president bashing field.
Or then again, we may not see anything in verbal or written retaliation because the Deplorables were too busy working in our nation’s factories and driving our nation’s trucks to be bothered with having childish and non-productive tantrums.
That’s the best that I can tell about it,