• Next weekend, I plan to have the BBQ bologna recipe and pix up! Sign up so you don’t miss that one. I INTEND on doing it myself once I get a good recipe. But I’m doubting it’ll be as good as the OGs will be.
  • My brother is going to share his dressing recipe for the holidays. This one can cause family fights around the table. Again, he got all of the cooking DNA. I might talk him into sharing his homemade cranberry sauce recipe. Not the round kind that you slice off that has ridges. 🙂
  • I have a good, CRAZY ole gal friend, that when the time is right we’re gonna do a FB live in her kitchen. She’s agreed for me to do the cooking while she instructs me. That outta be fun stuff.
  • I have another friend that makes some amazing cookies that she’s gonna share that recipe.

Again, you have a family favorite that you wanna share here, then please contact me! Especially if it’s a good ole southern dish.

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