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Excerpt from Chapter 1 of Lockbox #773

The sections of the concrete bumped regularly underneath his car as he crossed the long bridge. He wondered if they had figured it out yet. Had they ran his prints on the safe deposit box? Or had they found his cellphone in his apartment? Had they asked his girlfriend if she knew of anyone that would have a bone to pick with Leopold? Had they reviewed the bank security cameras?

Or did they even know that anything was missing yet?

Staring at the seagulls windsurfing around the waters like gliders, he wondered if they knew where they were going or did they simply plop down on the first available post. Because if that’s how they decided where to land, then Leo had found his spirit animal.

Leo had absolutely no idea where he would go, what he would do or how he would do it.

All he knew is that it all started when he found a key to lockbox #773 in the parking lot at lunch that day at the bank and the rest just sort of, well, it all just sort of happened.