Chapter 1 was well received and we have some new followers of the series that I’m writing.
Chapter 2 of The Lives Of Leo will be published next Sunday, July 28th.
Below are a couple of teaser excerpts from the next chapter.
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Mark Bedwell and Alex McCommon

The Lives Of Leo

‘Driving along the Florida coastline, the palm trees flipped past him. Leo didn’t know exactly what the best approach to an escape was. He had never had any reason to ‘escape’ anything because Leo had led a pretty boring life. Married at 21, no kids, divorced at 28 and broke at 29, the highlight of his week was watching the dart games on Saturday nights at Stubby’s while he drank beer with Carla and smelled cheap cologne in the bar.’

‘The other thing that Leo knew was that the tall brunette with big dark sunglasses and long legs who drove a baby blue antique Jaguar and came back and forth to this lockbox was mesmerizing. Because she looked, walked and smelled like a mixed promise of fun, danger and a lot of money. ‘