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About Mark


Why did I create this blog? As far back as a young boy in England, I have lived with the unexplainable desire to write things down; to record them.

I wrote about the loud vampires that lived next door. I wrote about the 3 legged dog that shared my flat with myself, my happily bearded uncle and the gypsies that roamed in and out of London. I wrote about how the vampire neighbors kept us up all night, bumping around and making dangerous noises. I wrote about the night I was walking home through the woods and in the darkness I stumbled upon a large bat; a bat that was as big as a carriage. The bat was indeed friendly and with one spindly wing, he motioned me on his back for a night ride above the city streets. In the cool night air mixed with chimney smoke, the velvety black bat and I flapped quietly above both the drunken and the sainted souls below us sleeping soundly in their candle lit cottages.

Actually……I’m just a man from Cook Street in  Lexington. And this is where I’ll put the things that I write.

And here’s a little bit about me. I’m a full-time registered nurse by profession and have worked in neuro ICU with head and spine injuries, in the Emergency Room, the cardiac cath lab and in cardiac rehab currently.

I’ve worked since I was 14, so jobs ranged from gas station attendant, cooking fried chicken, cooking #1 Sonic cheeseburgers and tots, video game arcade worker, orderly, ambulance EMT, postal worker, insurance exam tester in homes and hotel desk clerk. So…in other words, I’ve been around.

In 1983, I was lucky enough to marry a cute and sweet little brunette gal from Jacks Creek, named Sharon Bailey. And we have made our life here in Jackson where we both continue to work in medicine.

We have been blessed with 2 absolutely amazing kids, Katie Thorne, an RN herself and perfect young lady. She is married to a certified, daddy-approved, Caleb Thorne who is also an RN. Our son Anthony is at a community college and working in healthcare as he tries to make adultish decisions about which road to take in life. He’s growing into a very responsible young man who is well liked by so many people.


On our 18 acres, I enjoy time with my wife,  my dog Chevy, my imported goldfish, watching Netflix series, puttering around on different uncompleted projects and petting on my borrowed mule, Festus. I love the sounds I hear on my front porch swing as the frog chorus sings in perfect harmony at night in the front pasture.

Travel has always been important part of our lives.  We both love the beach in specific.

I always enjoy good conversation and coffee with my buddies when that’s possible. I’m fortunate to have 3 successful siblings that I love dearly and we all 4 get along very well.

I enjoy the gym a whole lot, being with like minded people there who savor a good pump and sweat while I try to keep this ever-aging frame movable and in some sort of shape.

Before medicine, and after getting laid off from Gould Electric in Lexington, I majored briefly in journalism.  But writing  didn’t pay the money I wanted in my life, so I dropped out.

Really, writing has always been a primary passion for me. So here is where I’ve decided my final resting place for some of these writings will go.

Do they have value? Will this blog change the world?

Probably not.

But like an article on the causes of intractable diarrhea….

They are interesting.

Thanks for being part of The Hungry Keyboard!