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Why did I create this blog?

As far back as a young boy in England, I have lived with the unexplainable desire to write things down; to record them.

I wrote about the loud vampires that lived next door.

I wrote about the 3 legged dog that shared my flat with myself, my happily bearded uncle and the gypsies that roamed in and out of London.

I wrote about how the vampire  neighbors kept us up all night, bumping around and making dangerous noises.

I wrote about the green rain that poured from the holes in our attic.

I wrote about the sweet, fruity smell of the unicorns that clomped the cobblestone streets.

I wrote about the night I was walking home through the woods and in the darkness I stumbled upon a large bat; a bat that was as big as a carriage. The bat was indeed friendly and with one spindly wing, he motioned me on his back for a night ride above the city streets.

In the cool night air mixed with chimney smoke, the velvety black bat and I flapped quietly above both the drunken and the sainted souls below us sleeping soundly in their candle lit cottages.


I’m just a man from Cook Street in  Lexington.

And this is where I’ll put the things that I write.



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