Lake Tahoe at sunset from our campground
Emerald bay…before the officer…

All of the days are starting to run together, somewhat, but we sit here now beside Lake Tahoe. We are outside, grilling burgers and have a view of the sailboats on the lake as we sit here. We sip coffee in the lawn chairs and watch the locals on the beach. We recover from Hwy 50 down another mountain. I never realized that I had so much “flatness” . At first, the curvy and winding roads were sort of novel and neat. Now…I’m like, ok, alright, I want a long flat piece of land to open it up on. Haha.
The traffic here was heavy. The guy next to us said that this was the first weekend of their summer as their local schools just let out. Also, the Nevada state line is only a few miles away, so the locals are scurrying to place their bets.
The street trolly’s are going by, dinging as they stop across the street by the lake. Some odd looking bird, ½ blue and ½ black, with a big comb on his head, hops about the pine needles. He’s very busy at something. WE don’t have birds like that at home. Seagulls drift across the beach in front of us; well, they look like seagulls. Behind us is an indoor ice-skating rink. But are just too tuckered out to do any of that.
What an excellent father’s day I’ve been given. No man alive could ask for anymore than God has granted me with a wonderful loving wife and two kids who are like lungs to me. They bring magic to my every day.
We, as a family, wanted to thank each of you for your kind posts and emails. Signing the guestbook has been especially important. We check them daily. Sometimes on the road like this, it’s easy to feel isolated. But, we read those and know that we have people at home that care for us. Thanks to each of you.
Ok, I wrote all the sappy stuff like that, then we went for a ride to Emerald Bay. That was all good. I was driving back, simply soaking up the scenery, feeling all good inside about Lake Tahoe, when out of the blue….BLUE LIGHTS PULL ME OVER. I looked down I was going 30 in a 35? HUH?? Why?? My tags were good, I just renewed them before we left….no lights were out, I check them regular while we’re on the road.
Can you believe, are you ready?>>>A California Highway Patrol officer pulled me over on suspicion because I was “driving too slow” and “ two times I wobbled over the yellow line”?? Of course, I called him “sir” and kept my mouth shut, believe that.
What really ticks me off is that he said once he looked inside the cab of the truck and saw my family there and bottled water in the console, he felt like everything was ok. That’s reassuring…
I know I ‘ll have replies here from law enforcement budddies, but I’m sorry guys. He commented on my being from Tennessee, told me to pull over and let traffic by if I wanted to sightsee. Noted that the entire time down from Emerald Bay there was ONE car behind me. I note that because if I’m backing up traffic towing a camper, I do pull over and let them by. But, in this case, ONE car is not backing up traffic.
He didn’t give me a ticket, but he wanted my DL number, and my name. What will he do with that??
Sorry, that’s ridiculous. I have a personal vendetta against drunk drivers myself. But, to wobble over the line twice and drive 5 mph slower in a 15 mile stretch, then just wash it off cause I had a family with me and bottled water in the console..comeon.
Sharon said he singled me out cause of the Tennessee tag. When the Vols whop Cal’s butt in September, I’ll be sure and think of ole OCCIFER SCHNEIDER…I took his name too, and his driver’s license; lotta good that’ll do, but it made me feel better.
There will be no blog tomorrow nite, we are taking the nite off in Elko Nevada. Long drive, nothing to see, movie/pizza, campfire…bed.
Hope all is well there with you folks, wherever you maybe. And SLOW SPEED PULL OVER
Guess he missed the dog I was dragging from the rear bumper….