Passengers, we are beginning our final approach into West Tennessee.
We will be changing our flight plan and taking an alternate landing strip due to the pilot’s desire to get in one more state, that state being Illinois rather than overniting two nites in Missouri.
As we begin our final approach back into the balmy 95 degree weather, we would like to thank each of you for your patronage and patience during this flight. We are aware that we had bad head winds to endure, there was a slight delay at one stop due to pilot error of leaving his credit card at the pump, there was another delay due to tire malfunctions and we did have the cracked windshield that made the pilot nervous. There were also times that the passengers became violent and pointed a peanut butter laden butter knife at the other and called each other stupid and wouldn’t stop touching each other and staring at the other one. The passengers even bordered on terroristic activity by singing “I know a song that get’s on everybody’s nerves” over and over and over. It was noted that the passengers did apologize and they appeared to enjoy the flight thereafter.
But despite these times of turbulance, the pilot has seen the massive smiles on the faces of his passengers. He has watched his passengers learn how to setup and takedown the craft without much assistance. He has laughed as much at his passengers as with his passengers. He has watched his passengers endure extremely long flights without much complaint as they watched the onboard movie and ate the complimentary gummy worms, beef jerky and cookies.
This was the pilot’s and crew’s longest flight, overniting in 13 states in 24 nites. He has stared in awe, with his passengers at many things that God has placed on this earth. The pilot and his crew have played in the cool waters of the Pacific ocean, sat in the bottom of a canyon at nite as the stars illuminated the canyon walls, ridden the hills and valley’s of Yellowstone park in a 1936 bus, stopped for a buffalo to cross the road, stood in awe at the reminders of a city bombing, stared at the granite walls of Yosemite, unable to take it all in. One passenger panned for gold. They watched a girl slide into a very large beverage, they drove on historic route 66. They camped under an orange tree. The pilot has met so many new pilots and navigators on overnite stops and values thier acquaintenances.
The pilot would like to thank his navigator for her excellent navigational intuition. There were times when the pilot would be unsure of direction of vehicle or of choice, but the navigator would searach her maps and itenerary then, give sound advice to help guide the craft into the correct lane for the passengers and crew. Also, when the passengers weren’t looking the navigator would hold the pilot’s hand; we realized that might have broken company policy for fraterization in the craft. Also, the navigator has done an excelllent job of multi-tasking as she has also kept the linnen stocked and the pantry full. None of the passengers or the pilot has had to go hungry on this flight.
The pilot has enjoyed having his crew along during this time of rest without thought to mowing his yard or having to endure the rigors of daily life. During extremely long flights and not many mountains or clouds to distract him, the pilot has gained insight into his life and even made future plans.
All in all, the pilot is very happy with this flight and the elements it has brought to his and the passenger’s lives. If he were asked to make this long flight again, the pilot would resoundingly agree to do it all again and not change a thing.
So, we ask that you please stow your bottled water and your gummy worms, I see your belts are already fastened, so just relax and enjoy the views of the Mid South area as we begin our final approach. You’ll notice out of your right window you will see the Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee. You’ll notice out of your left window you’ll see the state’s capital, Music City and the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee. Straight ahead, the pilot can see the quaint city in Tennessee where his family resides. The industrial and commercial growth is very evident at th area along I40 and Pringles Park. He even can recognize the hot dog stand outside of Lowes that he enjoys getting a hot dog with his son on Saturdays. Also, he sees the park where he takes his children and enjoys riding his bike with his daughter.He sees his church…he see’s his family and friends, he sees his home that he shares with his navigator of 23 years….
We do have one more overnight somewhere in the corner of Illinois as we’ll begin our final approach back into our very blessed lives with our friends and family.
We thank you for flying with,
The pilot…