Men want to fly with the space Jedi, boys want to fly with the Jedi, women want the boys-to-men who fly them. In 2008, men want to be Indiana Jones and the boys want to be his son. And men with boys want to be on a fantastic journey like the new Indiana Jones movie.  


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We went to see that yesterday and WOW…I’m certainly not a good movie critic, but it would be hard to find something wrong with this movie. Oh, sure, officiandos with nothing else to do might disect this movie because thats how they earn a townhouse payment. But for people like us, gypsies on the road for 9 days, it was a perfect vacation movie.  The story line was as one would expect from an Indiana movie. And the resurrection of an old face, and I do mean “old” face, was nice to see some chemistry again.

While it was great to see Harrison Ford in yet another hit, one does see his aging. Now mind you I hope that I can move like that at his age, shewt..who are we kidding, I’d like to move like that now at 45. Although he does get around quite sprly to be a card carrying AARP member (yes, but does he have the blue socks and shorts for the beach?), he does move with a little hesitation. I think it’s in his shoulders. They sort of lift up first when he leaps from a moving stone gear rather than how in the 80’s he just vaulted up.  Shia LaBeouf moves make you remember Mr. Fords previous moves, but they are not as fantastic. There was a fight scene in which LaBeouf (yes I had to Google that spelling) has a hot fencing duel with a lady on moving vehicles.  Some movie critics have said there is too much action, I think its just the right amount. If I wanted to see a River Runs through it, I’d take a No Doze and rent that.

I will admit that it was a little on the scarier side, but again..I enjoyed that.

This movie will put middle aged men in a spot: reminsecing about your youth and the youth of Indiana Jones and how will you stack up against his standards as you grow older. It will make boys decide if their father is worth emulating or not. Hopefully, it will make fathers decide that if they are not emulating, it’s never to late to change….never. 

We took a break from the beach yesterday and went to the movies, did some shopping and then ate at a pretty good place in Gulf Shores called Mikes. Good, not great, but the atmosphere was all beachy. When I go out to eat, I look at the atmosphere more than food. Food is food. Just eat it and keep on moving.

Not being big on just shopping, I was soothed by finding a Black and Decker outlet while the girls swathed themselves in clothes and shoes and stuff they know prob won’t fit, but try on anyway.

I found a GREAT DEAL on a drill! (women who don’t like tools or the non-mechanically inclined can scroll on down now. This might bore you) It is a reconditioned 12.5 amp B/D WITH a laser built in. It was normally $50 bucks, but they had a pallet of them for $24.00 PLUS 25% off. So, I got a brand new faster drill with a cool laser on it for what it was going to cost me to replace the battery of my old one. Mark is happy.  I also got a mini hammer, mostly just cause I’ve never seen one and it looked cool. 

We tried to eat at Lamberts, to get smacked with a buttery thrown thrown roll, but they were lined outside like they were giving away tickets for free breast implants down here on the beach.  So, we drove into Gulf Shores and ate a local place called Mikes. Loud LOUD place. Food was ok. It was a Saturday nite and we could get in to eat in 15 minutes. We had ate there before so we knew it would suffice in a pinch. Funniest thing there was the waiter was stacking dishes to remove them and he asked Katie to help. I mean, he stacked them up, then asked her to take some off of his pile and to restack them. hahaha. Of course, she did. Although we thought it endearing sort of, I would venture that were he to have asked a Lexus driving mom from Destin with fake fingernails and a sprayed on tan cause she’d never ever sweat to stack up her plates like that, she’d probably put one more ON TOP of poor Christian’s pile and ask him to fetch the manager….quickly.

Overall it was a good day…the kids got to shop, I got a drill and we all came back to our laminated world expecting one of the retired campers here wearing shorts and blue socks to crack a whip and turn on his water from 50 feet away.