An open four lane, no red lights, XM radio playing jokes and mutually agreed up on music inside of a smooth pulling and airconditioned vehicle towing 4 rested family members and a nice camper home from their sandy sojourn for 9 days.

Yesterday coming home, a thought hit me concerning the cost of diesel and getting out having fun. So, since I have no mathematical abilities (can’t even spell mathematical without spellcheck!), I summoned the abacus of an older brother that I have.

I interrupted his day to ask him this: How much is this costing an HOUR to enjoy this time with my family? Here is the breakdown: If diesel costs $4.55 a gallon and you are traveling 60 mph, that figures out to $21.84 an hour for this fun.

Sure that’s not including the vehicle cost, the cost of the chips and peanuts inside or the dental repartitions that will be needed to correct damage done from overindulgence. But, it’s a rough estimate of how much it cost to get my family secluded away from all of the outside world. To get them together, watching the fields pass by, looking at billboards, talking about the best and worst vacation memories and about the plans when we get home. About the plans for their 6th grade and sophomore years this fall. Plans with my wife about our growing old happily together. Job plans. Plans for our own parents. Plans for birthday parties this year.

Yes, that is a lot. So, is it worth it you ask? Really with the cost of fuel now..what are we thinking?

To go sit in a pshychologist’s office and talk it’s..what..60-70 dollars to make me feel better for an hour? I felt better and reassured about the future for $21.84 cents.

That’s a bargain, I don’t care who you are.