​In a small corner in Starbucks there are 4  chairs this morning. Cozy corner built for an intimate setting of 4 people that know each other. These chairs are very comfortable and cushiony as opposed to the rest of the chairs in the barely occupied coffee establishment. 

There are plenty of open seats elsewhere. 

There are 2 young women, one with a baby.  And there is a young man and the the fourth chair is occupied by the baby carrier. 

They’re having themselves a nice Christmas eve morning visit. 

And then the festive visit is fractured when an old man, by himself, with a grande latte approaches and asks if the baby would mind if he took the chair with the carrier. 

Of course they obliged.

Now they sit there in a close corner, trying to talk while he surfs on his phone with them. 

Yes he has that right to sit there. But he also has a comfy chair somewhere else. 

Please don’t let me be the rude old man that thinks the world owes me because I’ve lived to a wonderful age. 

I wanna be an humble old man. Sort of like my dad. Know my place in the world. 

Don’t let me be a geriatric form of what the millenials are labeled today:


That said,  he could have just been a nosey narcissist all of his life. 

He just has the t-shirt now.