When I bought my first CD, Kool and the Gang 1987, I listened to it over and over.
It was brand new, ‘must have’ technology then.  And, it was  new music with still a shred of fabulous disco and as such a brighter tomorrow was playing in my then hairless ears. My eardrums smiled big at this aural excitement as we ‘got down on it.’
Kool and his gang were positive and it was exciting as it repeated itself on my $300.00 CD player component.
Now somewhere along that time 24 hour television channels came out and I was thinking ‘who in the world wants to watch cartoons at 3 am?’
Soon, the National Anthem and the black/white static screen at 11 pm went away and the need for 24 hour TV life  grew into news channels.
And even then I was thinking ‘who wants news 24 hours?’
Now, some 30 years later, there are people who cannot even be in a room or ride in a vehicle without Fox News or CNN playing on loop. I’ve been with some people and watched in amazement as they stare at the repeated news like they’ve never heard it before.
While I’m staring and wondering if they’ve suffered themselves a stroke, they’re totally engrossed at the same news like it’s a brand new day.
Somewhere in that news is a broadcast about young people not engaging with other people because of their cell phones, Twitter and games.
I removed the rest of the world’s protests, fighting and anger from my Facebook feed and only watch the local news at home. As it was with Kool and the Gang my eardrums thanked me. Also, my eardrums were joined by my mind thanking me for this adjustment. My mind is much more at peace not knowing the horrible disagreements in the world that I can’t do anything about anyways.
I’m simply not on a need to know basis about everything. And after I turned the world news off, just guess what happened: the world kept on rotating out in space just fine without this ole Mark Anthony Bedwell I.
But in case you missed the news, I’ll summarize my best recollections of it.
Somewhere, a man killed his family and then himself . A bear was born in captivity. Stocks rose and then fell. Your favorite team made the playoff. A female teacher had sex with an underage student.
Parts of the country have sunshine, some have tornadoes and others have ice.
One survey says Trump is the best president in history and another declares he’ll go down as the worst dreg to ever sit in the White house.
Everyone looks at life differently. To me, it’s just too short and sweet to fret and lose sleep over something we can’t do anything over. Of course, I’m the one in the truck that turned the radio up to avoid hearing the tire losing air going down the interstate.
I suppose it’s just one of those personal preferences. Most people don’t sleep with a sound machine on static and a black boggin stretched over their bald nog and prefer pancake syrup in a separate bowl rather than poured over their stack.
But should you join my bandwagon and quit infatuating with world news, you’ll have extra time. And with the spare time that you have on your hands ,you can learn fun and new hobbies.
Such as beer yoga!
You’re welcome!
So, to each his own.  But a new and exciting CD of German accordion music on loop has to be much more healthy and fun to engage with rather than listening to death, dismemberment and global destruction set on constant loop.
That’s the best I can tell about it.