Alrighty, here is what I’ve been wanting to share with you folks. Tomorrow I’ll have my first interview for Real People Stories. Let me explain what this is about.

A few months ago, while driving from the gym to work, a crossing guard stopped me to let a school bus out. I see him every morning. Watching him interact with all of the people, the buses, the busy traffic and the walkers to school, I thought ‘man, he must have some stories to tell. He’s seen a lot.’

But then, I realized most people wouldn’t hear his great stories. Everyone isn’t always eligible to make the popular magazines and newspapers in town. But that doesn’t mean that what they do isn’t important. I had that idea spinning in my head, but sort of afraid to do anything with it. I wanted to tell these real people stories in and around our great town of Jackson, Tennessee.

As my blog got more traffic and you guys gave me more confidence, and the author yet to be announced encouraged me, I decided it was time.

So, last week I approached the crossing guard and asked him could I tell his story. Now, I had never met this guy, just waved at him every morning. So, I was a little bit nervous about it, but I bit the bullet and he agreed. He seemed excited to let me interview him and tell his story.

Tomorrow, March 9th, around 915 am if you don’t have anything going on, I’m going to interview him for a few minutes on Facebook Live. He may not have the Coke formula to tell, but he has his own important story and plays an integral part of sour world as he has taught our children, coached our children and now he protects and directs traffic around our children. I’d say that’s pretty important.

Here is a link to my Facebook page where we’ll be at tomorrow:

The Hungry Keyboard Facebook Page

He is a very nice and well respected man that has certainly seen a lot and dealt with a lot in a life and he has a story of Real People that I’m sure looking forward to sitting down with.

Wish me luck, cause I know not what I do. But hey, it’ll be fun if it’ll be anything!  Life is way to short to not take a risk and seize that moment moment every now and then. It’s a leap of faith for me.

And for the guy I’m going to interview. lol.

So, grab a cup of coffee if you have time, relax and hang out with us in the conversation tomorrow. Even ask questions if you’d like as I sit and talk with this extremely nice crossing guard and retired teacher who is now my friend:

Mr. T Willy Tyson 

 *we may not be able to go live. But will have a transcript of the interview to post.