boy-529065_1920The commercial starts with a woman showing her pregnancy test to her mother, then it goes to a husband and a wife being excited at her +, then to a sorority house of girls celebrating the new baby. The final scene is the woman showing her positive pregnancy test to her 5 or 6 year old daughter and the sweet lil girl replies to her mommy  ‘I hope it’s a girl’.

In our much needed efforts to equalize the playing field and make right the fact that my mother had to wait to eat last in 1972, we’ve rushed the field with some mistakes. One of those was throwing our boys under the equality bus.

While celebrating National Woman’s Day, sweet daddy daughter dances and replacing the burly Brawny paper towel man with a woman in red flannel declaring ‘strength has no gender’,  brawny-man-woman

our boy children have quietly retreated to the game consoles in their rooms. And not many people noticed because we’ve been busy building up the little girl’s esteem in fear that she might not be able to be anything she wants.

It has been clear since the late 70’s that women can certainly and efficiently bring home the bacon AND they can cook up some mean beans. So why then is it assumed that a young girl needs to be constantly built up more than the young men today?

In fact, since we started burning bras and demanding the years of enslaved women  be compensated today,  many 80’s ladies have sent very clear messages to the young girls of today and tomorrow that ‘you don’t need a man! And if you get you one of em, make sure he knows his place, how to do laundry, change a diaper and makes good money’.

There are some fundamental differences that have attributed to this change in the tides. Social media has gathered women en-force by the gazillions.  Typically women are the more social of our species. Yada sisters around the world now are electronic bffs and can immediately invoke a sister in the outer banks of anywhere at 2 am if she feels like she needs to discuss Victoria’s new secret or how Bob didn’t like her driving yesterday.

Meanwhile, Bob is content to see Mike at work, doesn’t want to get together with 8 other guys to discuss his problems or the fact that his wife got mad because he thought she drives like a seizure patient.

Most men just usually move on and away from emotional conflicts. 

Women are gathering together today like never before on cellphones, tablets, pcs and nites out together; which is a great thing.

At the same time,  men are retreating like never before which could be a concern because it’s causing a division in our society.

Date nights have been replaced by girls nights out or poker with the boys

So then, where do we go from here?

How do we make that young man in 2017 cope with how the dance has changed and many of today’s young and pretty girls don’t want to hold your hand but have been raised to see if they can out fish or out arm wrestle the boys?  How do we make the lil boy watching commercials nowadays understand that he is not less of a man because the little girl on TV now wears the cape?

How do we re-equalize the field so that we make it right that the cute girl in school now drives a truck nicer than the boy’s and it has a set of bedazzled bull testicles swinging from her bumper?

He doesn’t want to date her because she appears more powerful than he is. And being a man, he’s naturally geared to competition from men, not females. So, he’s lonely.

And we’ve told her that the world is all about her.  It turns out it’s not and now she’s lonely.

In the end, we have done both him and her an injustice.

Because, as it turns out….the world is indeed not all about her or about him.

The world is about US; together.

Today’s young men and young women need to see the men that are faithful, honest and good husbands and fathers again. Unfortunately, those wholesome, good and valued men don’t sell on TV now.

Bad men with high drama and Cosmo articles on 60 ways to see if your husband is cheating are today’s entertainment. Because, for whatever reason, people like to see the smut and gossip about it much more than the good people. We’ve all became Ms. Kravitz when it comes to telling the stories and sharing media.

Pay more attention to commercials and TV shows. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Emasculating our young ladies and DE-masculinating our young men is insidious but it’s there and it’s dangerous to our futures.

So, yes! let’s build up our smart, beautiful and young ladies and encourage them to seek the moon and stars. Assuring them that they can.

But while running to make sure the girls are bolstered, society cannot afford to step OVER our young men assuming they don’t need the same love and encouragement.

We need both of them to be capable of taking over our world because running this planet is most definatly a 2 person job.

That’s the best I can tell about it.