THING 1: our fist grandchild, Emma, is due soon! VERY soon. So we’ve been, and will be, spending some extra time with this excitement. Our daughter is doing well and soon we’ll have the pitter patter of little feet in our home again. My wife and I LOVE kids. I’ve been practicing ‘Emma, let’s you and I eat a whole box of Swiss Rolls!’….#whateveremmawants.

THING 2: It has became VERY apparent that people enjoy cooking and home things. At least my followers. So, I plan to give more on that. I am working with a BBQologist on bringing his fantastic BBQ bologna recipe! I’ve never been able to succesfully BBQ bologna. It’s a southern thing, and quite frankly, I feel inferior because I can’t make BBQ bologna. I might as well quit saying y’all and pulling over for funerals.

THING 3: I do cook a few things and I intend on sharing those. For one, I make chocolate oatmeal cookies like an old woman. Straight up. I may whip up a batch today and I’ll put that recipe on here.

Any other things you followers would want to know how to cook/fix/paint/clean/put up, then let me know. I may not do it, but I got friends in both low and high places.

Or if any of you have things you’d like to share here, let me know and we’ll set up a time for me to blog on your southern recipe/skill. My brother doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to hit him up for his dressing recipe soon. He got all of the cooking DNA.

Since deer season is coming up, I may see if a buddy will give me instructions on cleaning and processing a deer. I don’t hunt. I could if needed but for right now, I sleep in and I hunt food at Kroger.  And Long John Silvers if I need fish.

You all have a great day and thanks for following and sharing! Let me know if you want something southern blogged on or something YOU’RE exceptional at that you’d like to share.

That’s the best that I can tell about it,