Kohl’s cash , part II.
I rarely shop but I had to return 2 shirts there last night. Then it became a manager situation because Sharon Bedwell
had used Kohl’s cash when they were bought. And they were trying to figure the credit amount using some accelerated math skills that were far above my head. Tbh, I was impressed with her caluclatory abilities. She worked on all that for 15 minutes. She took that like a personal challenge while I stood there silently and doodling on my phone. I finally said ‘scuse me.. It’s 17.76. I’m fine. I’ll pay you that again if I can go. Lady, thank you for your efforts at this but I gotta go to bed at 9.’
Then I bought a toy for a kid. And after waiting in the check out line another 15 minutes the man in front of me had a breakdown over HIS Kohl’s cash not being correct.
The other customers in the line even eventually started chiming out loud trying to make him understand how it works which I don’t even know myself. Neither the burly middle aged man yelling at him behind me or the elderly lady on a rollator with a huge purse in front of me could shed light on this man’s lack of knowledge about Kohl’s way of counting money.
It became a community event to get this man’s Kohl’s cash figured out. At one point I felt in my pocket to make sure my pocket knife was there because the Kohl’s natives were getting loud and restless and that poor unfortunate soul wouldn’t move. Eventually another manager came. A Kohl’s manager has to be people paying a penance for something they did wrong in their life.
First thing I said to the teller when I finally got to her with my kid’s toy was
‘I’m not using Kohl’s cash. Don’t even bring it up.
Just take my money, please.’