What magic does Chic Fil A have?

Recently, I was sitting at the local franchise watching 800 million people funnel through in a most efficient and well-managed micro-world of its own.

Sitting at the table and feeding my toddler granddaughter, I laughed as she judgmentally stared at people next to our table with a look on her face as if she’s thinking ‘I can’t believe you wore those clothes out in public’.

But while feeding her, I also started watching this fast-food utopia that I was eating in.
EVERY single person there smiles.
EVERY single person there says ‘thank you’.
EVERY single person there has their pants pulled up. I didn’t see one fella’s underwear while I ate. Nor did I see one woman’s eagle tattoo cozily nested down in her cleavage.
The employees volunteered to help Emma and me to the table with our food and get setup.
Outside, employees were smiling and laughing and trotting around with handheld devices to expedite orders in a multi-lane drive-thru.
Like medicated air traffic controllers they were landing SUV’s full of people with a low grease-level.
Despite serving this addicting greasy chicken, the place is immaculately clean. No, it’s not overly greasy like some chicken establishments that are named after a state just north of us. But it IS fried chicken.
The bathroom (you know I’m the public bathroom inspector) was very nice. It even had little mints sitting on a table right outside the door.
And there were no pools of body fluids pooled on the floor. That’s always a plus in my self-assigned public bathroom inspector job that I enjoy.*
So I had to ask myself; how can one business hire AND retain people that seem to actually care about the business? When right down the street in the same town, employees stare at you like you have stolen their oxygen when you walk up to place an order.
How does this particular business get by with telling it’s employees ‘this isn’t a Hooters. We don’t show cleavage.
Nor is it a Pooters. Boys, I don’t care how much you paid for your underwear, keep your britches pulled up.’
Isn’t Chic Fil A breaking some sort of rule by not allowing people to ‘express themselves’, or to have their constitutional ‘freedoms’?
I mean having Sundays off as a work perk will only get you so far.
What sort of golden nuggets of work ethic are they ingesting by working there?
If Chic Fil A can do it, why can’t every other restaurant make it’s employees act right?
But I guess the larger question to ask is…
Why can’t society, as a whole, have its members act right?
That’s the best that I can tell about it,
*How a man SUCCESSFULLY manages to take an infant/child/toddler to the bathroom by himself is another blog on its own.