As I was leaving work tonight and driving home, it was weird.
Visiting hours being enforced in the hospital was odd. The halls were pretty much empty except for staff and patients. It reminded me of how it was when I started medicine as an orderly in 1981 and my first job was to run the metal bedpan washer. It was quiet and it was controlled.
The traffic home was very light. Not bumper to bumper because the traffic was backed up.
Buildings and businesses were closed. It was around 7 pm.
Cars were in driveways and lights were on in houses and people were home.
It’s almost like turning the clock back to simpler times in the 60’s/70’s and 80’s when people stayed home and enjoyed family and friends.
All the kids then didn’t have a different sport/dance/event to have to go to every single night of the week.
The roads weren’t burned up with people going to church functions like ‘Pizza for Jesus’. And we were all still just as good a Christian then as we are now.
Road rage wasn’t invented yet because there weren’t that many places to go or cars to use to go there. Nobody ‘ran to the Walmart’ for anything. You got it at Big K or Big Star when you were in town or you just didn’t need it. You got home, you were done for the day.
Aunts and Uncles came over to smoke cigarettes and drink a pot of coffee and visit and eat banana cake and all laugh together. 
Times were not as complicated then, that’s for sure.
So as I drove home tonight thinking about all of this, a thought occurred to me:
Maybe this virus happened for a reason.
So that we can calm down, enjoy our homes/family/friends. Sit down and find ourselves.
And maybe even while we’re at it?
We can find each other again.
That’s the best that I can tell about it,