Dear Diary,
Today I slept in.
Had good coffee.
Went to church.
Made a new friend.
Ate chicken nuggets after.
Had a nap.
More good coffee.
Spent time looking for a box of air filters the size of a small refrigerator.
Gave up.
Had more coffee.
Arranged the new bird feeder where I can see the birds eat from the kitchen sink when I do dishes.
Watched a good movie by the fireplace with the wife. It’s loud now for both of us even though she says she doesn’t need it that loud.
I was going to workout upstairs even though it’s my rest day from the gym but then decided to drink more coffee and sit in the beach house and write.
And stare out the window and watch the frigid blue pool water blow around and around.
Tonight ima get my meds and meal preps ready for the week.
Turns out that growing older ain’t so bad.
Much like being a kid again.
Naps, new friends and chicken nuggets.
And writing my life’s memoirs from my beach house.
Beach house log
Sunday, Jan 9th, 202