Since I’ve taken a FB hiatus, here are a few thoughts and updates:

  • I’m recovering from Covid. It’s much less intense and ending quicker than when my wife and I had Covid in 2020 before our vaccines which took us both 2 weeks to fully recover. This is Day 3 and I’m nearly fully recovered. There’s your study on the vax effectiveness. Plus I didn’t grow an 11th toe from the vax. (post edit, my wife has since tested positive but right now her’s is just sinus-related)
  • The news reported that President Biden was very cooperative to surrender his ‘classified documents’. Then the news says ‘on the other hand, President Trump refused to surrender his classified documents’. What in tarnation does what Trump did STILLLLL have to do with Biden’s documents? Can someone please report if they both use the same toilet paper? because what previous presidents did in like situations is so important. I am going to be in the nursing home and Democrats and ABC are still going to be whining over Donald Trump. Find a new hobby.
  • Speaking of finding a new hobby, we can move past the EMPOWER WOMEN movement. That’s very yesterday now. Some of the most successful and powerful people in the world are brilliant and hard-working women.  I even recently had a woman tell me that women are where they need to be and all of this push to empower them can quiet down now. M&M is using something new to promote ’empowering women’. I love M&Ms but this man, who’s been verbally castrated by FAR more empowered women all of his life than men, will abstain from M&Ms for a while. This is 2023, not 1923.  Observation: Despite all the pleas for equality and unfair treatment, it doesn’t appear that as many women as men are dangling from electric poles in sub-zero temps or working in 110-degree temps helping with I40 construction,
  • I have not been to Starbucks in 3 weeks since my daughter got me an espresso machine. Warning, it’s addictive. You simply can’t drink a proper espresso from a mug you bought in Cozumel. It requires a saucer and a matching espresso mug to be purchased. And, of course, them small spoons gotta be part of the situation, if you’re proper and all.
  • My local informant reports that 2 old women got into a brawl at the dumpster and the attendant told me that he nearly had to separate them and call the police. Upon my further inquisition, he did say that they both had just thrown away several boxes of M&Ms before the ruckus started.
  • We’re dog-sitting our son’s geriatric dog for the week. She can’t hear when the door opens to come in and she sometimes runs into furniture. Bless her old heart. But she can hear a cheese wrapper open from the other room and her agility suddenly is that of a speeding youthful leopard thru the house skidding into the kitchen like Kramer.
  • Some animal has eaten all of my koi. I hate that. I’d had them outside for 3 years. I could grow some more but now that, what I suspect as hawks, have found my little 55-gallon water buffet and anything I put there now will be the special of the night for them. 
  • I don’t think my7 hens are feeling empowered. As much as I feed and water them, talk to them, listen to their poultry problems and clean up after them, they still ain’t laying not one Grade A egg for me. Maybe I’ll try some of these fancy new female-empowering M/Ms. 
  • The world would be a better place if everyone would stop worrying about who is having sex with who and what gender those people are. Move ahead, there’s got to be better things to judge people over. 
  • As I don’t have any taste from Covid, I wonder why some pharma company hasn’t invented a drug that will decrease your taste? I haven’t been nearly as hungry since everything tastes the same. Might as well eat healthy.
  • I heard a very humbling line in a movie this week; ‘The world will forget you’. We think we’re all that but so did the people that existed many years before us. And just like them, the world will forget us too. So we need to remember that as we go about our days ahead of us. Despite Nat King Cole’s excellent croonings..none of us are ‘unforgettable’. 



That’s the best that I can tell about it,