Well, it’s finally here. LIFTOFF!
It’s 6:30 am, just up, I’m drinking coffee, wondering what lays in front of my family for the next 24 days on the road.
Campers are friendly sorts. Anthony has already packed something that he wanted to share with his buddies that he ain’t even got yet. We will be buying groceries/etc as we go. I guess the biggest thing that is hard for me to imagine is how it’ll be to keep on camping day after day for 24 days. USUALLY, we just camp a weekend or so and come home. I’ve always dreamed of camping, then moving on somewhere else. I’m positive that we’ll get homesick after awhile, but hopefully it won’t be too bad.
Getting prepared for this trip made us clean up and arrange our lives. Had to get a lockbox, decide what goes in it, make out a will, threw away a bunch of stuff, found a bunch of stuff. Stopped paper, payoff some bills, just more than you’d expect.
Spent Saturday visiting family. Both of our mother’s cooked for us, that was great. Daddy called it a “going away meal”. Mama actually cooked us a cake to take with us, banana cake…mmmm. Maybe it’ll make it to Vegas. Sharon’s mom made us an awesome pot of stew.
We have a good and trusted friend who is staying at our house the entire time we are gone. He’s a good guy, and he is a state champion skeet shooter. 🙂 Thanks Kurt!
Camper is loaded, hooked up and ready to pull out. It was hard, at least for me, to pack last nite. You usually think; “ok, I’ll take 3 pairs of shorts, 4 shirts, 3 underwear/socks and that’ll do me till I get back.” It was hard thinking; “ok, I’ll take….wait, I am not gonna be back home for 24 nites, I’d better take more underwear”. Of course, most modern campgrounds have laundry facitilites on site. Heck, a lot of ours have cable tv and WIFI, which I hope will allow me to do this blog.
I’m hoping that we can all get along decently on this trip. LOTS of road time enclosed in the new truck. Oh..I forgot the new truck: 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD diesel. It’s awesome, hopefully the XM radio for Sharon and I and the backseat DVD for the kids and the diesel power for the camper will keep everyone happy!
Have to finish packing and get on the road by 10:00; it’s 250 miles to first camp at Petit Jean state park in Arkansas and the kids are still asleep.
I will post when I can.
We hope everything in YOUR camper is good,