June 3rd, 2007 Blog
Our first day in this adventure went awesome. I’m typing this blog beside the lake, 20 feet from the water, with Canadian geese floating in the water, lilly pads nearly a foot in diameter and frog croaking in the background. We are at Petit Jean State Park in Morrilton Arkansas. It took about 5 hours towing at 60 mph to get here.
We got off about 10:30. It was hard telling Dood and Barney Joe goodbye, but we did. We had a group prayer in our kitchen before we left. We feel so privileged that God has allowed us to go on this adventure. WE give thanks to HIM for this gift.
I LOVE MY TRUCK!! It was an awesome trip. I could not believe how much easier it is to tow with a diesel. No problem, it just moved right on, even straight up the mountain to this campground. And XM radio rulz. We are a wired set of campers for sure: In the truck, Anthony is watching the built in dvd with wireless headphones, Katie listens to some screaming music thru wired headphones to the back console. Sharon and I listen to 70’s music on Xm radio and catchup on CNN and the weather channel. I’m definatly hooked on XM. But not all the time, sometimes we just talk and ride. Like when we came by this “big honkin church” as Katie called it yesterday.
We got turned around coming around Little Rock cause I was looking at this HUGE Pentecostal church on the side of I40 and missed the split, then I got off and got back on 40West, then there was another split and this time it didn’t have signs. So…anyway,,we made it. J Sharon is a great navigator, I can’t find my way outta Walmart, but I’m good at maneuvering thru traffic.
After we unhooked, we went on to see some scenic overlooks, and I tell you it is one of the most unexpected things we have ever seen. The overlooks were breathtaking. You could see for miles and miles and miles. We had no idea Arkansas could be so beautiful. See the attached pics.

This campground doesn’t have wifi, but the next should. Some of the blog dates maybe wrong cause of not having wifi at all campgrounds.
As the kids and I sat outside, beside the beautiful lakes with the geese, sunsetting slowly, a feeling of accomplishment and content drifts over us. I said “These are the things I will remember when I’m in the nursing home”. Anthony said, “why are you going to the nursing home?” I said that when I’m old I have to go somewhere. “it’s either go there or come live with you”……..crickets chirping and water sloshing was all the could be heard.
He then gave in and said I could live with him as long as I didn’t embarrass him or his wife. Katie said that I could live in my camper on her land.
Sometimes, the love just oozes, don’t it?
Tomorrow is leave for Oklahoma City…

Nite Mary Ellen,
Mark Griswald…..