Well, today has went ok. Not QUITE as rewarding as yesterday. We are in a parking lot campgound in Oklahoma city. Anthony says that it resembles the one on RV. haha. Actually, this one does. But we have full hookups, wifi, cable tv, etc. nice flat lots, but we are in something like a zero lot line setup. We are up against our neighbors. But…like the Gornekies on RV, they are all nice.
Not much shade, it’s 94, and we are beside the interstate, an airport and a train tracks. More action here than I’ve seen in awhile. Stuff blowin and goin everywhere. Oklahoma is really barren. I’m sure if I had grown up here, I’d love it. But, there is just not enough trees where we are at for our liking. It’s very metropolis. Bless their hearts. 🙂
But on the positive side, although it’s different, it’s nice change. It is a nice city view/atmosphere. We’ve never “metro-camped”, is that a word?? Citi lights at nice are night to look at. Funny, we all noticed that not a lot of people actually get out of their campers in this setting. They stay in. We’re used to roaming around the campground. But, then again, we’re not used to camping under airplanes and beside roaring 18-wheelers. haha.
Tomorrow we are going to the Oaklahoma City bomb memorial. Then, off to Amarillo. We are really looking forward to camping at Palo Duro Canyon state park.
The kids are doing very good. They’re good campers. They help setup and takedown. With them helping, it only takes about 15 minutes to be setup. I guess the most traumatic thing that has happend so far is I got frustrated today cause I couldn’t find the coffee percolator cord after we setup. After driving 280 miles from Arkansas, I had SOO looked forward to a good cup of coffee and sit down. eventually, it turned up in a griddle box. So, I got my java fix.
We all went swimming tonite in the campground pool, and then to the hot tub. That was nice. But then we roamed the campground and looked at all the big phat campers/rvs. That put us back in our place and we on back to our camper. LOL
OH, I left out that I went to Camping world. For those of you that camp, you know that rush when you walk in those doors, doncha? Angels sing….clouds part and your in CampingHeaven.
Hope all is well in your camper,
Mark and co.