We got up today, hit the showers and high-tailed it outta sin-city. Express checkout, no sad goodbyes, basically ran back to our lil home on wheels. It was great to see it safe and sound. We think we heard it purr when we walked up to it. 🙂
It was a long but beautiful drive from Vegas to Bakersfield, bout 320 miles. Some were longer than othes. I had no idea that California was so mountainous. It really is surprising. Along the way we saw BUNCHES of windmills. Looked like a windmill ranch at one point. I caught this great shot of the windmills and the train. Do you know the coordination it takes to tow a camper, and take such a shot?? LOL. What’s harder was keeping up with the train till he got under the windmills. Kidding.
The lay of the land changes so much out here. Went from absolute scary desolution to a little green to back to cactus to mountains with trees.
Somewhere along the way it became absolutely beautiful again. It was closer to Bakersfield. Mountains with tunnels cut out with trains running thru them. Green trees sprawling everywhere. Not much water anywhere.
Along the way we saw and heard some jets practicing when we stopped at an antique store. Edwards AFB is close by.
Our campground here, Orange Grove RV park is fantastic. We are actually camped beside an orange tree. There are lil green oranges all over them. Hurt if you raise up and hit your bald head on them when hooking up your water. 🙂 Beautiful tiled bathrooms. NO BUGS ANYWHERE!! It was 98 degrees when we got here, but there is no humidity and a cool breeze blowing. Nice, very nice.
Tonite was catch up nite: I went across town to Walmart to get supplies, got lost, became friends with Jennifer on Onstar and she got me back where I needed to be. This area is primarily Hispanic, so the WalMart was different. They play Hispanic music on the speaker overhead, had a WHOLE 1/2 of an aisle for tortillias and most of their music/movies were Hispanic in nature, but not completely. Certainly more than we have in Tennessee. Every single person in the store was incredibly helpful and nice. Of course, I had to practice my minimal Espanol: Gracias, por favor, lo siento, muy bien, etc. It usually makes em laugh when I try to speak Spanish. It’s muy bad, but I try. Solamente piquito Espanol.
Tonite we swam in the pool and smelled the blooming jasmine beside the pool. There is also a grape vineyard right across the road and the mountains in the background. All of this combined with a nice campground really makes us want to be here another day.
Sharon,with Katie’s help, cooked lasagna and a salad and we ate outside tonite. It’s very good here. WE all like it a lot. God is surely blessing our family.
Hope yours is well,