We had a great drive over from Bakersfield to Morro Bay. We saw almond trees, bunches of vineyards, rose bushes by the hundreds, some stuff that looked like parsley. Orange trees…this truly is where a lot of our fruit comes from.

I was so impressed with how fast the kids helped breakdown, unusual even. Katie even hooked up the safety chains and Anthony hooked up the sway bar. I commented on how impressed I was. Katie reassured me by saying, “don’t be, we’re only doing this so we can get to the beach sooner.“ ahhhhh, that sounds more like my kids.

Listen people, this is NOT the beach we were thinking. I got out of the truck to register and a coooold wind hit me, I looked at the temp on the mirror and it was 65 degrees!! YIKES!! ON a beach?? In June????

It is beautiful here. The Morro Rock has a beauty all on it’s own. The seagulls perch on it, laugh a lot, and there is a mist about it that makes it sort of mystical as the ocean waves pound on it’s base.

Our first walk down the beach was an adventure. It’s cold, there are people in sweaters and shorts. There is nothing that resembles a Coca Cola commercial, rollerblading down the beach. LOL. Not a bikini or even a tankini within a million miles from here. If so, they may get hypothermia. haha
One thing that struck me, besides the lack of what I was expecting, was the rocks. The rocks that wash up are beautiful colors. Many many different colors and textures. Reds/ blues/slates/ yellows/oranges/ it looks like someone dropped their rock collection on the beach…everywhere. And besides the few sand dollars, there are no shells. Intriguing, but odd.
One of the first things we saw was this thing. I told Anthony I didn’t know what it was, but if that is it’s tail, I don’t want to see the rest of it. Turns out it is some sort of sea thingy. Dunno, we ain’t got em in Tennessee or Alabama coast for that matter. Shore is ugly…..
Had a great walk down the beach. We grilled out; with a sweater and a boggin on my bald head. The seashore is beautiful. Tonite, we heard what we thought we dogs barking. Turns out it was SEALIONS! Never saw em, but they sounded like dogs. Our camp neighbors from Fresno said they were sealions.
The kids are doing great. Getting a lil giddy at times. Jump at each other, but they get along good. Just kids. I had to tell Katie to cut Anthony some slack tonite, “he’s coming off of Nintendo DS”. He’s had his head stuck in Nintendo too much on the road, so we took it away for awhile. Nintendoism is a dangerous disease. He’ll be ok once the withdrawals stop in a day or so.
Tomorrow we head for Hearst Castle in Cambria then up to Gilroy for two nites. That’ll be nice.
Everyone here is nice. We’ll be home in two weeks from today. Home is good. But…we like the road too, seeing places, meeting people.

Morrow Bay at sunset
God’s love,