Anthony: Cooke city was a really neat place….and old. Like the stuff they used back then was really neat. Like the cash registers were neat because they have a lot of buttons. (he is SOOO my son. LOL) And then the lodge was great. I really liked the cabin because it had a kitchen in it. The rest was like a regular hotel room, but it was in a cabin.
I feel tired for two reasons: the first is I pushed 12 teenagers and two first graders on a merry go round tonite. And the other is that I’ve been sitting in the back seat for a long time. I’ve also aggrevated my sister in the back seat by touching her when I know it makes her mad.
On the merry go round thing, that was here at the KOA and not the lodge.
When I get home, I’m probably going to say “I missed you” to everything in my house. And then unpack.
When we arrive at the campsite, the first thing I do is put the chucks under the tires, then I sometimes I raise the camper up with the electric jack, and then put the stabilizer pads down and it’s not that simple. You have to use a crank on each and every one of them. And, sometimes I help Katie pull out the slide. And sometimes I help daddy hook up the electricity and sewage. Electricity alright..sewage not fun. Obviously you have to plug in the electricity in an outlet outside the camper. And the sewage is more complicated. And you have to put this cap on the sewer thingy when we unhook. Most of the time I unload the lawn chairs and reload them.
Life inside this camper is a little dirty, a little crowded but it’s good and the beds area a liiiitle bit uncomfortable. But besides the bad things like that, I like it because it’s better for quality time and not tv or video time. (OH MY HEART BEATS PROUDLY HERE says daddy, cause he said that himself)

Mark:Well, folks the troops are getting weary..I believe it is because, as I said earlier, that we don’t sleep well in the higher climates. One day we’ll be 7500 feet, then the next lower, then the next high again. So, overall we’re not getting much rest lately. We notice the difference more when we lay down at nite, we just all sort of wake up out of breath at different times of the nite. It was really bad at Cooke City. Bunch of whiners!
Regardless of being out of breath sometimes, we have gone a long long way. The family has done fantastic. Good thing we all love each other, haha. Makes it easier to take the smells of each other after a hike and cooped up in 100 degree weather . LOL. We have made some memories that we’ll have the rest of our lives.
Today was a nice drive over from Cooke City. Went thru MORE windy mountain roads. Up to 9000 feet. There were fewer trees at that height, the temp was 70 and just the terrain itself looked different. Not many people either. I can see why with all the winding roads, falling rocks, mudslides, no air. But, if you can live thru it, it is worth it.
This photo was taken in Granite Pass, WY. It was at 9000 feet. I held my breath and took the picture. haha. not really. There are miles and miles of these blue flowers, I believe are hyacinths.
Out of all of the states and places that we have been, Monatana and Wyoming are the “rawest”. I mean, it’s what you think of with a John Wayne movie. There are 1000’s of miles with nothing but a two lane road, lots of dirt, no grass, some sad looking cattle and a few rivers. I know that sounds bleak, but it is beautiful…absolutley beautiful and untarnished by man’s hands. Personally, once I got used to the hypoxia of the heights, I could stay out here awhile longer and leave my camera and this laptop at home, no cell either..ok, maybe some XM radio. haha. But when you spend a lil time out here, you realize how your life is covered by things and stuff.
Anyway, in no particular order, here are some pix of this great stretch of land between Sheridan Wyoming and Cooke City, Montana.