Slowly but surely the compass on the mirror has turned southeast leading us towards home. Yesterday, out of the blue, we’re driving, just following the road, having a good day and I note the sun on the right side of the truck. We haven’t driven south for any reason in quite awhile and it was odd. As the compass pointed west, we had thoughts of adventure and the unknown and seeing places we’ve never seen.
As the compass points us towards home, I have to admit, there was a sort of lift in spirits.

Back to a normal life. Back to work. Back to people we know. Back to hear the bird say “haaay baby bird” when we all wake up in the morning. Back to the fat lazy dog that greets us as we drive up then he slips back into his coma. Back to our world.

We will miss this roadie life though. Never knowing where/who/what will happen in the day. Getting up, packing up. Having the kids ask “where are we tonite?” “what are we gonna see today?” We are camped at Rafter J in Hills City South Dakota. Nice campground, very nice actually. To be honest, my only beef is NO SIGNS..None. I mean even Bob’s campground has signs splattered all over the interstate. That, combined with getting directions from Jessica Simpson at the front desk, led us around in circles for a second. But, after we got here, it is a very very nice place to spend the nite.
Yesterday, we stopped for gas at Gillette, Wyoming. I got out to see what pump would be best to align ourself with because it was so crowded.
This young lady, in very very tight black t-shirt and blonde hair, dye #13, came JIGGLING across the parking lot waavvving at ME! Honest, my first thought was: I’m being picked up by a truckstop cutie..hey! ALRIGHT.. I must still have it, middle-aged bald’s nice to still be apprecia…..
“HONEY, I noticed as you passed us that you’ve left the steps down on your camper” she said.
Well, that put my life right back into the perspective I thought that it was. I thanked her, wiped the mile wide grin off of my face, and eased around to raise the steps back up…and take the keys out of the door.
Now, to this hour, nobody in our camper admits to leaving the steps down. But, I do admit to leaving the keys in the door, but I wasn’t the last one out the door. That is a good set of key’s that’ll travel 100 miles in the door at 65 mph.
But for one still moment, it was good to feel like you still have it. Isn’t it incredible how unashamedly shallow that we men can be?
It was great to finallly get onto some straight road! These rolling hills of South Dakota are easy to drive on. Not too steep to not use cruise control, not too flat to be boring. It was a nice drive: serenaded by XM Patsy Cline, clear blue 102 degree skies, wife reading a book, kids vegged in the back seat, me blinking lights to let trucks and campers know they can get in, hauling our ice cream, lasagna, all of our clothes, new t shirts and souveniers, our potty, our small potted gardenia named Shirley Jane that we took from home, our present life secured in the camper attached to our rear bumer. Nobody is sick, everybody slept, the tank is full, no headwinds, have reservations at a campground, all was good with the world. All of our family at home is well. Our lives are surely blessed..
Then, reality struck and Katie was jarred out of this deep sleep by Anthony for no apparant reason, exept his boredom, and the ensuing throw-down put my life back into perspective just like the truck-stop cutie situation did. She was in no mood for play. That’s teenager harrassment, DON’T DO IT.. She had stayed up late talking at the campground with a girl she met named Brooke. She was her age and they had a lot in common. They text now as the girl is back on the road to Alaska with her family.
We visited Mount Rushmore yesterday and went back at nite for the services.Very humbling indeed to see such grandour for 4 important men that formed our country. I thought it important to note the time gap between Teddy Roosevelt and the others. Which made me ponder the thought:
If we were to either add a face or start a new one,
That lead to great conversation over very expensive tourist ice cream on the way back to the campground. My daughter, Norma Rae in the back seat, asked why it had to be a man? We talked about who had made what contributions to our life that would warrant such a thing.
Paris Hilton quickly got tossed out of the possibilities.
We are headed to Crazy horse today and overniting in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Hope all of you reading this are having a great Sunday and enjoying God’s gifts in your life.