Tonite, at the dinner table, my son’s prayer was those exact words. He also prayed for mom’s arthritis and world peace, but it is so encouraging that those are his heartfelt words. He thanked God for camping wondes. And wonders they are!!

We had a pretty easy trip down except for a problem with a hitchiking horsefly. He tried to stow away in the backseat of the truck and after a shreek that made my daughter see her life roll by in a moment, the poor horsefly died an instant death…I believe it was a coronary he died from secondary to cardiac standstill from the shreek of a 15 year old girl. Nonetheless, he rests peaceful tonite on the side of Diamond Grove Rd. Somewhere on that road are a few of my ever-dwindling nerves.

Seeing as tomorrow is Memorial Day,  I want to introduce you to a new friend of mine, Greg. Greg and his family run this great little campground here in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Greg is an Apache pilot for the National Guard and he has served two times in Iraq. He is a noble man who even at the campground goes the extra length from helping to guide in a million dollar rig all the way down to helping an elderly woman with change and even volunteering his golfcart for my wife’s transport due to her arthritis. We respectfully declined but he volunteered it all the same.

On Memorial day 2008, find someone who is protecting or has protected your country and thank them. They have surely earned it.

When asked if we were doing the right thing in Iraq, he said,  with resounding affirmation, “absolutely”. To the civilian man like me, it’s encouraging to see the absolute assuredness of his serving overseas. Of course, if your flying an Apache chopper, I’d think you wouldn’t second guess a lot.

We have gotten settled in very well. Sharon is coping pretty good with her swollen ankles, she is so inspiring. I’m very proud that she is my wife. Speaking of being proud she is my wife,  I want to give out a CONGRATULATIONS to our best friends Chris and Sheila on 24 years of marriage!! Great job!

Well, the day is done, the kids are tucked in, the nite is quiet and Mark is tired…but content as the family is happily ready to roll on down the road see…..what is there!