We are AT THE BEACH!!!!
We are in a perfect spot, at Camping on the gulf in Destin Florida..on a crest, you can actually see the ocean from our trailer…it’s GREAT to stand up in that big kitchen window and see the ocean…even we can see it from the sofa seat..and from the window on my side of the bed. I’m such a beach bum….when I’m here, I feel “at home”.
Anyway, we’re here, having tonsofun….lot of kickback time. Grilling, throwin football, hanging out…and honestly enjoying this camper and all the extras that it can bring to our camping life. I sleep like I never have when we have camped…ever..there is room to stretch out, xm radio playing outside on the speakers while we grill…SO much storage room in the front/rear storage areas. so much walk around room in the trailer. Shewt, we even took a lawn chair in and had room for it while we watched a movie. Having come from the popup and then the 21 foot Outback,( we did love it, but it was small for us,) we are in a palace now.



Everyone is having a great time. Sharon is battling with stiffness in her ankles mostly, but she keeps on going. 

We were last here in 2005 and the kids remember a lot of that. We were here several years in a row before that..well, in the Gulf shores area. And on the way down to Gulf shores, in a place called Citronella, Alabama, there is a park. We would stop at the park and let the kids play. It’s a HUGE park with lots of wooden things for them to crawl around and in and they enjoyed it. This year, we drove by it and slowed down. Katie said she didn’t want to stop and Anthony was sort of ambivilant, so Ward Cleaver here turned around and went back. We parked in a close football field and letall took a walk down there. Anthony slid once and did a lot of walking and looking and remembering. Katie and her mom watched. I stopped and went back to sort of “rekindle” ole memories in hopes of keeping them alive in their AND our heads.

 We all travel well together. That’s a special gift that maybe not all families have. We enjoy being out and on the road together. Sure, there are some tense moments like when the navigator becomes confused at road splits and doesn’t understand why I can’t just “turn around” in 4 lane traffic pulling a 31 foot trailer. But, it’s nothing that we can’t overcome.

OH well, I’d like to wax poetic, but scuse me..the morning beach walk is calling to me.

Hope all is well with you and yours,

Mark and co.