**May 31st. I finally got a chance to reread this post and I could make grammatical corrections, but the blatant lack of concern for grammar and spelling is pretty symbolic of how going to the beach is:   IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER WHEN YOU ARE ON THE BEACH.

Ok, so I’ve had a complaint already. WRITE MORE…..


I attach this pic as an alibi for my lack of writing…THIS is what we woke up to this morning. RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR FRONT DOOR!!!! How most excellent, aboslutely perfect is this!!!





Yesterday, we moved to the lower level of the campground. It’s much nicer here. MUCH….It’s quieter..well, except for the gentleman right now 8 feet from my head who is emptying his sewage..it’s quieter. LOL.

It’s packed pretty tightly down here on the beach side…but it is worth it. Personally, I love it down here, but the wife hates it. ‘

“there’s sand in everything…there is sand in our bed, nobody wipes their feet off” sure there is sand here…it’s the beach…hello????

If we camped at a Hershey plant it’d be chocolate all over the trailer and nobody would complain then.

I’m going to attach a few pix of us diggiin the beach and HIT THE BEACH! I love to be out early on the beach in the am with a cup of coffee, picking up shells that I don’t have anything to do with from the tide last nite.




Anthony and I took a late nite walk last nite and saw flashing lites up above the campground as we walked along the beach. ET? In blue LED..I think not. It was moving erratic like a kit. We finally found the source. A slightly inebriated group of guys who had stuck some blue led lites on a kite and set it asail in the nite winds on the beach. It was beautiful. These guys were so proud. I was proud too. It is inspiring watching grown men fly kites with LED lites on it from a fishing pole no less, at 10 oclock at nite is inspiring. Even historical in a sense. I mean, after all, isn’t that how Ben Franklin started the whole thing..in reverse? He brought electricity FROM the sky and they PUT IT BACK! I compared them to the greatness of Ben Franklin and they laughed very hollow. I fear they think Ben Franklin is in the airstream in site 709.

Later today we are pulling up and moving to Foley Alabama to a new resort. It’s not ON the beach, but it’s near and that suffices but it’s not this scene for sure. Of course it’s a whole lot cheaper and I’ll get more blogging done. More down time. It’s hard for me to get a lot of anything done on the beach…her lapping waves ever beacon me and draw me to the ensuing sumburn that I know is before me….ike a moth to the flame…I go.

Talk laer, hope all is well with your trailer,

Mark and co.

Oh..did I tell you that we are stopping at a Camping World in Gulf Breeze? I hear angels sing as the doors fling open and the rest of the family looks to find a place to sit and await my capture of just the right camping accessory. They hate the hunt, but they like the rewards later. Why can’t they just accept it and wait, like I do when they shoe shop. At least I only have on needed vent cover and not a vent cover to match every season and piece of clothing I own. J