coffee-171653This past Thursday, after a doctor’s appointment, I was treating myself to an Americano at Starbucks. And hey, just for reference, did you know you can get ‘steamed’ cream? I didn’t. They asked me if I wanted my cream steamed. I looked at them like they were asking me for a piece of my liver.

They laughed and then I replied with ‘well heck, you only live once so just go ahead and steam my cream with everything you got young lady!’.

Was it good? well yes indeed it was good. I hate I didn’t know to ask about that option. Now I’m wondering what else I life I don’t know about that I could ask for.

So back to the story, I was sitting there at the Starbucks enjoying my steamy, foamy concoction looking at the organized chaos on Vann, when these 3 young ladies, probably in their 20’s, came out carrying their own foamy drinks. They sat outside on the patio in front of me. Nothing abnormal at a Starbucks except these young ladies were all Amish. Now, I truly do not know the difference in Amish vs. Mennonites. But they were all beautiful with their spring frocks on. One was yellow, one was blue and one was green. I’ve always admired them for their bravery for their religion. And sometimes I envy their simplistic lives that I read about. The men are strong and have cool beards and suspenders. The women are all beautiful and cook like Paula Deen, and the kids all look like they’re out of a picture and perfectly well mannered.

I’ve never heard an Amish parent scream at a kid in a Dollar store.

But this day it was outright refreshing to watch these 3 beautiful young Easter eggs gathered together on a patio on a warm winter’s day enjoying their foamy drinks. Just 3 happy girls out on a day, chatting, laughing and enjoying themselves.

And then, something happened and the one in the green dress flipped her drink upside down on the patio. She looked shocked at first but then they all laughed at it.

I went to the barista and firstly I explained ‘I’m NOT creeping on those young ladies, and I’ve never, EVER asked this question but …but..well….I’d like to buy the girl in the green dress another drink’.

The barista laughed a second and I went on to explain that the young lady had spilled her drink and I was pretty sure they wouldn’t come in and ask for another, so I’ll be glad to pay for a new one for her if I may. She said they replaced spilled drinks. And for a brief millisecond,  I pondered spilling the remaining of mine to test that theory and get more of the steamed creamy greatness in my day.  But that devil was thumped off of my shoulder and I went back to helping the damsel in caffeinated distress.

A few minutes later, a bystander lady came to me and thanked me. And then the barista echoed the same thanks. And they did replace the drink and once again all of the 3 beautiful Easter eggs were on the patio enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Just holding more tightly to their cups now.

So, I learned that we can have steamed cream in our coffee and it was good. I learned that Starbucks replaces spilled drinks and I was reminded that I don’t know the difference between Amish and Mennonites. But actually that’s probably acceptable because they may not know the difference between Methodist and Baptists.

That’s the best I can tell about it.


oh, if you know the difference between Amish and Mennonites,  please comment below.