It had been decided that the pic on my ‘About Mark’ page had to be updated. I had pondered posing with my keyboard in brick alley, or on a railroad track. Sometimes a creative mind can get too dangerous and too far out of the box. Who types in a field anyways? Or on a railroad track for that matter?

So, my desk seemed to be the best place to take a better pic of me for the page. My wife said that she wanted to get all of my cool stuff around my desk in the pic, and as usual she was right. On the wall is my old Waterhole days hat, complete with feather band and roach clip. The fan is from my mom and dad’s house and she says they bought it sometime in the early 50’s. I had it refurbished and it works fine. It’s actually hooked to a remote so I just hit the button on the remote and it humms it’s 60  year old coolness onto  my bald nog.

The Coke clock is a very special thing that I got from the Lexington Princess theater. I managed their website for awhile and when new owners took over, they wanted to run the website and asked how much I would take for the domain name. I said that old Coke clock downstairs would satisfy me just fine. I used to look at that clock many years ago behind the snack bar and wanted it. I reworked it and it works just as well as it did in the 1970’s when I watched Jaws there and screamed like a little girl when the head fell outta the boat.

To the left of the clock is an original movie announcement handout, dated 1975, from the Lexington Princess for the Princess and the old Laco theater. Those used to be on the big black ticket stub stand in the lobby at the Princess. Note that in addition to Benji playing, Naughty Nymphs was showing the next week.

The LHS box thing is something I made in high school for some sort of project.

And the Coke tray on the wall is where a good buddy of mine, Brian Coley, saved it from some kids about to blink it to shreds with BB guns. I’m most thankful for my friends that will throw their bodies in front of BB guns for things for me.

And the starfish light is what I used as a nightlight when I was a kid. I rewired it to stay on all the time now with an LED light. I laid there at night as a kid and always imagined it came from somewhere in faraway lands fetched from the bottom of the sea by a brunette mermaid and taken to a sailor who brought it to shore and lost it in a gambling bet in a bar.  That happy little dream was rattled awake when mom recently told me that it actually came from a roadside souvenir stand in Paducah, Kentucky.

The pen and holder on the desk I had made from a pecan tree from mom and dad’s place.

Daisy the dog isn’t really a ‘cool’ thing as much as just part of our lives. She doesn’t have a real back story to her. Anyone that has ever been to our home knows you can’t eat in peace with her around. But neither can you resist her when she climbs into your lap and snuggles in for some loving, whether you want to or not.

Always keep some cool things in your life….

My wife has kept me now for nearly 34 years.