These two wax guys I still have around may bring back some childhood memories for some of my generation.
Remember those wax mold machines at the Overton Park, now Memphis, zoo?

My black panther still looks threatening but the monkey is showing his probably 40 something years now.

They were pretty plain right outta the machine but my model car paint fixed them up nicely.

I read where there are still some of those old machines still around.

Click here to see a wax machine in action.

If you were lucky enough to have put the money in one as a kid and watched the presses come together on a sweaty summer day at the zoo, you’ll remember the excitement as your new toy finished and was scraped up and dropped into a bin. When you first picked them up, they were hot coming out of that amazing machine.

And the smell of the hot wax remained awhile for the ride back home.

Little trips down memory lane are some of the best trips taken in life.

That’s the best that I can tell about it.