A few days ago I had two people from this area comment that they’d never had chocolate gravy and biscuits. I gasped. I stammered for words. I asked had they moved here and been living in a locked room? How could this have happened?

And then I was sad. Sad that there are actually southern people that have never partaken of this heavenly chocolate situation.

I decided to pony-up my mom’s recipe for all the world to share. Because NOBODY should go without mama’s chocolate gravy.

At the bottom of this blog, I’m attaching my mom’s original recipe card that she wrote for my wife and me one year after we were married. I love how it’s handwritten by her at a younger age. And has a little additional advice like ‘eat with butter and hot biscuits’. For reasons like this one here, we should all write recipes for our kids to have. And we should take the time to write them in our own handwriting and date them. Quit worrying if it’s perfect writing. 36 years later they won’t care about our penmanship.

Our mother is now 83 and doing quite well actually for all of her ailments. I think that she’ll be tickled that I shared her recipe.

I cannot begin to guess the amount of Sunday mornings that this exact white bowl was filled with steamy thick and hot chocolate gravy that was served with hot biscuits. And the sagey smell of sizzling sausage patties filled the air as breakfast was made.

The silver percolator was bubbling up some fresh coffee to energize everyone up for the hectic consternation that was just about to occur as we tried to get everyone dressed and rushed out to the door to Palestine Cumberland Presbyterian church. The caffeine in the chocolate and the coffee had Frank and Rebecca in go-mode. Nobody could move fast enough.

By the time we got to the church and slid into our wooden pew, whew, yes, we all were needing us some serious Jesus.

Now there are several approaches as to how you actually ingest this deliciousness. I prefer it poured over a crumbled up biscuit like in this picture I made today as to correctly sample the blog content.  FYI, that’s one biscuit in the picture, so my gym buddies don’t gig me too badly over it if they see this.


And then some people would rather have their chocolate gravy in a bowl and then sop their hot biscuit in it. Yes, I said sop. That’s what that act of dragging your biscuit through your gravy is called; sop.

But it doesn’t matter how you consume it. You can slather it on an orange cat and lick it off if you’d like. Just as long as you get yourself some chocolate gravy in this quick life you’ll be fine.

  Yessiree, my friends, about the only thing sweeter than our mama’s chocolate gravy is holding your sweet granddaughter in your lap and watching Elmo.


Enjoy the recipe on a Sunday morning! And later, it’s ok to give thanks for chocolate gravy and biscuits.
I surely have.

That’s the best that I can tell about it,


chocolate gravy