Not many times have I regretted not having a cigarette lighter in my pocket but today was one of those days. Not that many years ago my leather covered cigarette lighter with my initials stamped in it was in my breast pocket next to a tan and white box of Marlboro light 100s. But 31 years ago I made the wisest decision that I’ve ever made when I quit smoking.

Today at the rented beach house we were going to grill burgers. We had enough foresight to buy the charcoal that had the lighter fluid already in it but that’s as far as our foresight went with that gig.

We looked everywhere for a lighter. And at one point we had considered lighting a stick on the stove and covering it with a beanie weenie can and running down the steps to the grill.

We may not be the best forethinkers sometimes but we are resourceful.

I went outside to ponder on this firey predicament and all of a sudden there was a man standing at the bottom of our steps and taking pictures of the deck rails. I’d never seen this man before so it was a little alarming. He smiled and told me that the owner wanted to make sure that the rails were repaired correctly after the hurricane damage and that he was in charge of this unit’s repairs.

So we had a brief conversation about damages, deck rails, and hurricanes, etc.

He said his goodbye and thank you’s and was leaving when I stopped him and asked him if he had a lighter. He said he thought so. Soon he returned from his work truck with a red and white lighter from a quick cash store in Panama City Beach. I offered to pay him for it and he said no thanks, he didn’t smoke anymore. I could have it.

And just like that, the middle-aged, gray-bearded, baseball-capped, smiling construction man got in his white Chevy work truck covered in stickers and backed out onto the sand drive. He waved goodbye with his burly arm out the window as he pulled away.

On the back of his tailgate above the beautiful Chevy bowtie were 4 letters that made me smile: WWJD.

So, I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s as small as a lighter for your beach burgers or as large as a cure for cancer..

ask and ye shall receive.


That’s the best that I can tell about it,