The Selmer Tennessee newspaper, The Independent Appeal, was kind enough to give me my first ever byline! (except for when I wrote a little bit for Jackson State student paper..a long time ago..let’s just say that it was long ago enough that I had hair.)
It’s an exciting time for me and I wanted to share it with all of the good people in my life.
I hope that you and your family and friends have an amazing Thanksgiving and are ready to start the Christmas season, 2019!

I am very thankful today to have all of my readers and followers as part of my life.

Thanks for the unending support of the meanderings that I write.

And for sharing.
Mark Bedwell 

I hope that you enjoy The Turkey Diaries:

November, 2019

Nov 1st: Dear Diary;

The days are shorter now and the people are starting to act differently. They all seem a little happier, they decorate their porches with hay bales and pumpkins. And apparently I must be really lookin good. Because I see them stare at me. I heard one guy compliment the size of my chest. I’m really proud of my physique. Actually, I’m not even going to lie. I strut around like I own the place. So, it’s good that someone finally recognizes  my excellent build .  It’s taken a lot of work and food to look this good. I don’t just wake up in the morning looking all fabulous.

Nov 5th : Dear Diary;

They say I’m going to get stuffed. I can’t wait because I love food. To be honest, they’ve been really feeding me more over the last few months and I’m becoming one sexy bird beast in this pen. Maybe one day I can show them how thankful I am for all of their attention lately and the good food they’ve been giving me. I am thankful for them being so good to me this year.

Nov 8th : Dear Diary;

I overheard them talking about getting a frozen turkey at someone else’s house. I would welcome a new friend here. Maybe they can bring the poor guy over and we can play. I hate that he’s so cold. I’m sure we can run around and flap our wings and do some fun things to get him warmed up.

Nov 15th : Dear Diary;

More people stare. And, they point at me now. It’s actually getting kinda creepy. Especially when they rub their stomachs while they’re looking at me. They’re like stalkers now.  I may start hiding out behind the shed until they can get a better hold on themselves. I like the appreciation of my most excellent body. But really, people, you’re acting weird and I’m embarrassed for you.


Nov 18th : Dear Diary;

Someone said that they were going to celebrate with some wild turkey. I’m totally down with some celebrating with this wild turkey. Maybe between the wild turkey and myself we can help the frozen turkey get warm.



Nov 20th : Dear Diary;

I heard someone say I’m going to make some good giblet gravy. So, well, umm, for some weird reason they think I can cook. I don’t even know what a giblet is.

Nov 26th : Dear Diary;

They bring in more bags of groceries now. I keep seeing these red cans of cranberry sauce. They’re still staring at my chest. I can’t believe that all of sudden they think I look so good.

Nov 27th : Dear Diary;

I just overheard them talking about carving the turkey. I remember earlier this year they carved a very nice walking cane out of wood for grandpa. But to think that they like me enough to actually carve a wooden turkey that looks like me? Well, I can say that I’m truly humbled by how much these people think of me.

Nov 28th : Dear Diary;

7 am. People are all up and moving a lot earlier today. I hear pots and pans clanging inside of the house. More cars are in the driveway. There is a lot of laughing. I can smell food cooking really early. That’s weird. Things seemed to have really ramped up here over the past 24 hours and I’m not sure what to make of it. There’s a weird feeling in the air.

I’ve laughed at the other turkeys who stand around and tell these wild turkey tales about something similar. So, I’ve heard about this but never understood how it can happen.

For some unexplicable reason, suddenly today I have the oddest feeling of impending doom.

Nov 29th : Dear Diary;

I guess I was worried over nothing. There was a lot going on yesterday. The house was filled with happy people and the food smelled amazing. I could hear more laughter than usual coming from inside the house. They were all saying ‘I love you’ when they left the big house party. It was good to see and hear everyone being so happy.

I’m still waiting to see the carving of the turkey that looks like me. And I’m still concerned about that poor frozen turkey, wherever he is.

Ok, so I am a little bit jealous of Lenny. Yesterday morning they took my buddy Lenny from the pen. They never brought him back so I’m a little torqued that they chose Lenny for their big house party and just left me out here. Oh well, maybe that wild turkey will show up here later and we’ll have our own throw down.


Dear Readers;

I hope this will bring some fun to your holidays. I have so very many things I have to be   thankful for this holiday season; health, family, love, mercy and freedom. But I am also thankful this Thanksgiving for the opportunity to write for you. If you get bored, or there are no magazines beside the toilet and you have your phone (you know you do), I have more rambling writings at

Thank you for reading and from my home to yours, I wish you the very best of wishes to you and your family.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019.

That’s the best that I can tell about it,

~Mark Bedwell

Here is a copy of The Turkey Diaries that was printed:

TUrkey diaries