And at that time in all of our lives, the comfort of the sun’s warmth on our skin says farewell. Heat now slides more quickly down the western horizon, relinquishing its control to cold and gray skies.

Ahead of us, we sense a troublesome change. It quietly roams about in our minds as an animal stalking in night’s safe cover.

Inside of us, we feel unrest from the rumble of the animal as it gets closer;

winter’s lion.

Creeping in quietly at first, the lion approaches and silently rides the cooling northern wind.

Then the mighty roar brings forth frigidness onto the land.

The regal majesty of the lion gives itself to the damage and fear it can render.

Yet, as its angry and large paws powerfully stomp on frozen ground, the lion is unaware that below his heaving body, a tiny jonquil quietly forms its delicate yellow petals for next spring’s decorations.

The beast forgets that deep inside of leafless oak limbs rattling above him, the soothing comfort of next summer’s green leafy shade is growing, already.

Sooner than he would like, winter’s lion will retreat into the frozen cave where he hides.

The days will be longer and splendid and filled with watermelons and the careless laughter of grandchildren.

The warm night winds that waft through open windows in our homes will carry the sounds of crickets and the ever-sweet smell of honeysuckle blooms again.

And thus, to the winter lion’s hated defeat,

And at that time in all of our lives,

Life will return.


Life beautiful shall return.