During Christmas, we get to wear pajamas all day and eat more than we should. Most people are home and not working. We open gifts. We give gifts. We laugh. We cry. We play games. We watch TV. We visit with people we haven’t seen. We dress up our dogs in funny outfits. We stay up later than we should. We sit on the floor. We put together toys. We play with toys. We stare at the Christmas tree after everyone has gone to bed.

We spend time together, finally, with our friends and family that we love, even when they make us mad. At this one time of year, everyone gets along pretty good.

Our hearts still jump a little at the thought of Santa.

We ALL get to take a pause from life’s responsibilities and just for a brief moment, and we get license to BELIEVE  in something that none of us can see.

If we didn’t have Christmas or Santa, we adults would not have this one time of year that it’s legal, expected, encouraged and absolutely OK to…..

be children again.

Tomorrow, we will be adults again.

So for today,

we will enjoy being a child.

That’s the best that I can tell about it,